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Sun, Sep. 4th, 2005, 04:13 pm
dream_labyrinth: hello

I'm not sure whether I can do much in terms of intelligent discussions, but as I am really interested in Harry Potter and like to see the mythology I know behind JKR's world, and as I was graciously invited, I decided to join this community, and spread the word of it's existence.

Anything of importance about me can be found on my user page, so I won't bother anybody here with that.

A word of warning: even though I am not a agressive shipper, I am a Hermione/Snape fan, and I can't guarantee this won't be visible in my posts here.

And even aside from the shipping, I refuse to believe in the evil that is Severus Snape.
Things are not looking good for him after HBP, but he is one of the most difficult, ambivalent characters in the novels, and it would be a waste of a very good piece of characterisation if JKR turned around on us now, telling us that Ha ha, he's evil after all!
Many people have said that he will likely die in book 7, maybe die in an act that redeems him in the eyes of the Order. That would be a pity, but JKR has proved that she is not afraid to let characters die, so it's possible.

And another thing: I don't really think Dumbledore is dead after all.
There is Harry's wish to get Snape to Dumbledore's body, as if that would make everything right.
There is the fact that nobody actually sees Dumbledore's body after he fighting is over.
There is, of course, the phoenix, a bird that dies and is reborn out of his ashes. Beside Neville's toad, maybe, there was a meaning to all the familiars mentioned in the books. Scabbers who was Wormtail, and Crookshanks who is a very smart cat and likely not a cat at all. Fawkes first played a part when he saved Harry from the basilisc's bite, but he also appeared a lot in HBP, I'm sure there is more to that than we have seen so far.

So there are just a few random thoughts on the latest developments in HP world.
I warned you I'm partial.